Chat with your Database

SQL just got 10x easier! Ask your question in natural language and the AI will generate SQL queries specific to your database. Then simply run and view/export your results from our online SQL shell.


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How it works

Connect your database

We support any SQL based database.

Non-technical? Ask your database administrator for a read-only db user

Running local? Use NGROK and connect to your database quickly and securely.

Ask Questions

We take your questions + database schema to generate SQL that is immediately run-able.

Test your SQL right in the chat and preview results.

Need modifications? Ask away! Chats are persistent so they carry context from message to message.

Visualize & Export Results

Is your SQL ready to go? Quickly visualize directly in your browser with charts, and a searchable table.

Want to export the data to work with it yourself? Simply download as csv and work in the tools of your choosing. Come back to this page and refresh your data anytime!


Microsoft SQL Server




Is this for you?

If its not for you, its not for you. Have questions? Reach out to for more info.

Marketing Teams

Access data in real time to see key metrics that fall outside of your current Business Intelligence Tools.

No more complex integrations into your tools. Ask your questions. Generate your report. Export directly to CSV so you can work with your data in your favourite tools.

Data Teams

Even if you are an SQL pro, it still is a pain to write. We take the db structure and feed it to AI to automatically write your SQL queries.

Because you are a pro, you can write pseudo sql into the chat and have the AI replace it with the right columns. This will save you so much time.


Big presentation coming up & your data team offline?

We’ve been there.

Access any data you need, in real time. Quickly export to CSV to feed into modelling, forecasts, client reports, and more.

Operations Teams

Need cross-functional data reports? Waiting on your data team to update the data sources? Need one off reports generated?

Query Grunt will do the work for you. No need to bring in data teams for one off requests.

(Your data team will love you)


If you’re a developer, you are in good company!

The two cofounders are both big data engineers that used this to quickly evaluate how changes in algorithms affected pipeline results.


Even in highly regulated industries, we can help you speed up queries to data faster.

We will setup a local version directly in your existing network so nothing leaves your setup.

Worried about data flowing into the LLM? We only send your database structure, which is in complete compliance with HIPPA and other security regulations.


What people are saying

Our earliest adopters love it.

The Query Grunt team worked incredbly fast to setup our local version. We have 100% adoption at our 5 person company, including the CEO!


Director of Data & Technology

Healthcare Finance

This has really sped up my dev process. I can now see results from my work a lot faster than manually connecting, writing, and running my SQL queries


M. Ferguson

Startup Founder

As someone new to full stack development, I can’t recommend this enough. Do I even have to learn how to write SQL myself?


M. Webb


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